Journal of Education, Innovation, and Communication (JEICOM)

Volume 4, Issue 2, December 2022       

Title of the issue:Emerging trends in Media and Technology       

DOI:           ISSN: 2654-0746 (listed in the National Library of Greece)



Emerging trends in Media and Technology. Preface

Margarita Kefalaki & Fotini Diamantidaki


Adult Third Culture Kid’s (ATCK’s) Journey to Belonging through Blogs and Podcasts

Shelly Lyons


We should be talking about this more: an empirical examination of stress-related content on TikTok

George Kyparissiadis & Katerina Diamantaki


Multi-level analysis of Health Management Information System (HMIS) adoption by healthcare professionals

C. Sriram & C. Pichaandy


The semiotics of sustainability in the Greek media

Thomai Baltzi, Ioanna Kostarella & Antonis Skamnakis