Journal of Education, Innovation, and Communication (JEICOM)

Vol. 3, Issue 2, December 2021

Alternative Communications: A much needed transformation (click on the title of the issue to download it)

ISSN: 2654-0746 (listed in the National Library of Greece)


Contents (click on the title of each article to download it )


Alternative Communications: A much needed transformation

Margarita Kefalaki &  Fotini Diamantidaki                                                                     


Social Media Effects and Self- Harm Behaviors Among Young People: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges

Argyro Kefala                                                                                                                           


Companion (Ro)bots: Theoretical Challenges in the study of Human-Machine Communication      

Iliana Depounti                                                                                                                        


Political Communication on Facebook: Comparing the República Portuguesa and La Moncloa pages       

Priscila Minussi                                                                                                                        


Applied Learning and Teaching Transformation through Project-Based Action Learning in an International Business Programme        

KC Chan, Jürgen Rudolph & Shannon Tan                                                                         


News article consumption habits of Greek internet users

Evangelia Avraam, Andreas Veglis & Charalampos Dimoulas