Special Issue 1, December 2019

 ‘Redefining Communication: Social Media and the Age of Innovation’

ISSN: 2654-0746 (listed in the National Library of Greece)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.34097/jeicom_special-issue-december-2019/

Table of Contents
Download the full issue: https://coming.gr/full_jeicom_special_issue_dec_2019-2/
Editors & Editorial Team 7
Mission & President’s Message8
Redefining Communication. Social Media and the Age of Innovation, an Introduction  

Margarita Kefalaki, Fotini Diamantidaki

Multimodal news authentication as a service: The «True News» Extension

Anastasia Katsaounidou, Nikolaos Vryzas, Rigas Kotsakis, Charalampos Dimoulas

Towards a semantic-oriented model of participatory journalism management: Perceptions of user-generated content

Theodora Saridou, Kosmas Panagiotidis, Nikolaos Tsipas, Andreas Veglis

Social Media and ‘Silaturrahim’

Azian Muhamad Adzmi

Cultural Communication and Cultural Transmission: The Case of Popular Tradition in Corsica

Margarita Kefalaki, Eirini Daskalaki, Fotini Diamantidaki

Athens as a Major Congress Destination and the Role of Professional Congress Organizers (PCOs)

Athina Papageorgiou, Aristidis Papagrigoriou