b) Panel on “Multidisciplinary Approaches to New Media Technologies”

Panel Leaders:
*Dr Katerina Diamantaki, Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator – MA in Digital Communication and Social Media DEREE-The American College of Greece.
*Dr Andreas Veglis, Professor, and Head, Media Informatics Lab and School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Multidisciplinary approaches to new media technologies on the 21st century, the communication environment has undergone a digital transformation, and digitalization is today considered to be reshaping our patterns of interaction, sociability, identity, culture, existing social institutions, networks, and habits of everyday life.

Information and Communication Technologies are however far from having achieved any kind of “closure”; instead, they are constantly evolving, reshaping the social environment in often unprecedented ways that include both opportunities and risks.

Τhe panel, part of the 6th Annual International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2020), 3-7 May 2020, seeks to identify novel and multi-disciplinary approaches focused on the growing importance of Information and Communication Technologies in structuring diverse aspects of private and public life.

The aim is to bring together academics, researchers, and professionals to critically discuss the key debates in the area of New Media Studies and the theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence that is needed to properly assess them.


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