Dr. Margarita Kefalaki
Founder and President, Communication Institute of Greece
Adjunct Professor and Tutor, Hellenic Open University

Dr. Margarita Kefalaki is the Founder and current President of the Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG). The board and the academic community of this association have for mission to create a forum to meet and exchange by the creation of Common Research Projects, the organisation of International and Local Conferences, and the Production of Publications.
The global pillars of this International Association are ENGAGE, EDUCATE, EXCHANGE, its local Goals: CREATE, CONNECT, COLLABORATE, and COMMUNICATE. Margarita is also, since 2011, an Adjunct Professor for the Hellenic Open University, teaching a master course of cultural organizations management. Additionally, she is an accredited educator in Adult Education and a certified evaluator for projects on communication and management.
Dr Kefalaki’s research interests focus on Intercultural Communication, New Media, Innovation, and Education. Margarita has taught in several universities in Greece and France and has published widely in academic and policy journals. Margarita is also one of the chiefs’ editors of the Journal of Education, Innovation, and Communication (JEICOM), a Fully double Blind-Reviewed Open Access journal publishing articles from all areas of education, innovation and communication. Additionally, she is an Association Editor of the Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching (JALT), a publication sponsored by Kaplan University, Singapore.
Margarita holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Communication and a Professional Master degree in Communication from Pascal Paoli University in Corsica (France). Additionally, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in cultural communication and organization of events from Vauban University in Nimes (Montpellier III) and another in business management from a Technological Institute in Greece.
Margarita has successfully led several intercultural projects like the creation of a musical disc in three languages, where she signs the creation of the album (financial support, communication, lyrics in three languages, music). This project was created with the help of Action3 of the European Program for young People of INJEP.
It is in Margarita’s believes that via education, exchange, and collaboration, we can learn to communicate effectively and in this way act together for a better world, for a better future. Academics, students, professionals, and individuals, we can contribute to this imperative process of doing this world a better place. Let’s heal this wonderful world[1] and make it a better place for us all. Yes, TOGETHER WE CAN!

[1] Michael Jackson – Heal The World (Official Video)-1991, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWf-eARnf6U&ab_channel=michaeljacksonVEVO