2022 Events

Our mission this year is to provide a platform for academics worldwide, to share and negotiate knowledge and to provide learning opportunities for all involved. This will be achieved via a series of online seminars proceeding and leading up to the annual conferences. The aim is to keep the international academic and professional community interacting throughout the year. With the above principles in mind, the Communication Institute of Greece organises: (1) two ‘Free of charge workshops’ , (2) a 2 days’ workshop on the qualities we should aspire as an academic, an Interdisciplinary case studies from Greece, UK, USA, and Canada (2 hours a day), and (3) two ‘Conferences’ proposed as a 4 days event (2+2 days- see below for more information).


7th Annual International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2022), 26-29 September 2022

3rd International Conference on Education (EDU2022), 26-29 September 2022


Workshop facilitated across two days
Title: Qualities we should aspire as academics. 

When: Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 May 2022, 15:00 – 17:00 EET time (real-time for Greece)

Description: Being an academic is not an easy task. It is actually a quite challenging procedure of sharing knowledge to make this world a better place. This seminary will examine leadership roles and opportunities as academics, referring to specific experiences from universities around the world. Different workshops leaded by well known academics and researchers from all over the world (USA, Singapore, Canada) will provide opportunities to learn and exchange on strategy building and alignment for a changing world; building the skills to navigate uncertain times; leading diverse and hybrid teams; publishing opportunities, ways to reduce publishing stress; publishing tips, and much more.  Click HERE for the two days workshop tentative program.

Workshop Leaders 

Pr. Michael Altamirano (USA)
Pr. Carolin Rekar Munro (Canada)
Hon. Pr. Sophie Karanicolas (Australia)
Dr. Jürgen Rudolph (Singapore)
Hon. Pr. Robert J. Bonk (USA)
Catherine E. Deri (Canada)

Price: 15 euros + 50% reduction to the annual conference(s) fee
Registration: To register click bellow at both links provided. After your registration and at least two days before the event, we will send you a zoom link.

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