Coronavirus Notice

The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG) and its international community hopes that the global situation with coronavirus improves quickly so that we are to meet again face to face. Until then, for 2021 our annual meetings are proposed in a hybrid way, which means that we have the opportunity for both a face-to-face (in case COVID19 condition permits it) and remote interaction.

Please note that an onsite presentation will only be possible in the case that a minimum number of participants are able to attend the conference face to face (travel to Athens). In case you have already planned your trip to Athens but the minimum number of attendants is not covered, you will have the opportunity to present remotely, like every other participant.

Presentations can be direct or prerecorded, to take into account time differences, since the participants come from different countries and time zones around the world.

Even in this ‘special’ global situation, we are always doing our best to permit exchange and interaction,  not only via our academic meetings but also via our academic journal, JEICOM, and other international projects and collaborations with universities around the world and other important academic journals, like JALT.

Thank you for being there, especially you dear educator, researcher, academic. The world needs your experience and expertise, now more than ever. Take care, stay safe and strong.


Concerning the Law of Free Vouchers for 18 months

According to the measures taken because of the pandemic (13 April 2020), Greek authorities have adopted a law to protect industries, due to huge demands for refunds. According to this law (see the Official Greek Government Gazette ), which has been implemented by other countries as well, hotels and other industries are not obliged to refund payments even partially but they must offer a free voucher valid for 18 months.