Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG)

Adresse:12 Artemidos Street, Moschato,18345 Athens, Greece


Tel.: +30 6989478611

The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG) is an independent, international association of academics, researchers, intellectuals, and professionals from all around the world, interested in communication, exchange, collaboration, education, with the purpose to make a positive impact to our world.

Our mission is to create links among academics, researchers, intellectuals and professionals from all over the world, help them collaborate, exchange, cooperate, with the purpose of a better future, especially for the generations to come.

We invite all academics, researchers, intellectuals and/or professionals, having an interest in communication, education and its future to become members of the Institute

Take a look at the list of our Actual Academic Members

Our Administrative Structure works in collaboration with our Ambassadors, Members and hon. Vice Presidents 

Wish you a wonderful day, full of fruitful communication and interaction! 

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