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2021 Annual International Conferences of the Communication Institute of Greece.

It is important to say that we organise truly international gatherings, with participants from about 23 different countries around the world. Our 2021 meetings will be proposed in a hybrid way (both face to face and remotely), to include participants from countries that might still, by then, face travel restrictions. Even if remote participation will be offered at half the registration fee, we will make our best to give equal opportunities for interaction and exchange.
We aim to keep our events small (no more than 50-70 participants), in order to favorite fruitful exchange, communication, and cooperation.

These conferences (see below) are meant to inspire and bring together academic leaders, researchers, and scholars who like to think outside the box and transcend their disciplinary domain. While offering a forum to established academics we also like to see proposals from a new generation of researchers as well as outstanding research students and professionals who like to share their work, receive feedback, and exchange ideas with educators from all around the world.

2021, 1-5 August , 6th Annual International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2021)
2021, 1-5 August, 2nd International Hellenic Conference on Political Sciences: Communicating in Politics?
2021, 8-12 August , 2nd International Conference on Education (EDU2021)
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