International Research Projects and Collaborations by the Interdisciplinary Research Community of the
Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG)

This page is dedicated to the projects and collaborators of the Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG) and its research and creative community.


***2021 (November)

Title: ”Communicating through music: a tool for students’ inspirational development

This article gives concrete reasons to K-12 and higher education stakeholders of why and how such projects should become part of curricula. This case study presents the creation of a multicultural disc in three languages (Greek, Corsican, and French) as an attempt to add to the inspirational development of students to aid teachers to achieve overall educational aims.

Kefalaki M. (2021). Communicating through music: a tool for students’ inspirational development. Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching. Vol.4 No.2


***2021 (November)

Kefalaki, M., Rudolph, J., Tan, S., & Diamantidaki, F. (2021). Face masks in education: The cases of Greece and Singapore, Thesis, 10(1).

Kefalaki, M., Nevradakis, M., & Li, Q. (2021). Cross-cultural effects of COVID-19 on higher education learning and teaching practice: A case study from Greece. Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 18(5).

Kefalaki M. (2021). Masks as part of our Novel Identity: Creation of Meaning within a Time of Global Pandemic. Journal of Education Innovation and Communication, 3 (1), pp. 25-36.



***2021 (November)


Α book with words of music, with lyrics that seek music, a book with moments of poetry and creativity. This book contains, words, thoughts, poetry, that seek music, but at the same time have the music in them. The words in this book are projected as an example of emotions to be shared and to inspire. The lyrics are provided in Greek language for now.

It is with great joy that we present you the ‘Words of Music’- ‘Λόγια Μουσικής’, a book in greek language with words, thoughts, poetry, songs, that seek music, but at the same time have the music in them. The words in this book are projected as an example of emotions to be shared and to inspire.

We wish you a wonderful inspiring journey at ‘Words of Music’ !


***2021 (March)

Title: ‘Aspire to inspire. Together we can

The Founder and President of COMinG, Dr. Kefalaki Margarita, was invited by the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, at the Symposium: Women in ICT, organised 24/3/21, to speak about women in ICT. Dr. Margarita referred to her personal story, her journey as a wife, a mother, and a professional, referring also to how ICT has helped her during this pandemic, maintaining the connection with people and collaborators from all around the world. The Communication Institute of Grece and the Journal of Education, Innovation, and Communication, was of course a great part of this talk. By sharing her story, using the autobiographical method, she wishes to eventually inspire women and why not men. Together we can aspire to inspire! Please click here to see the talk. The event was transmitted live via Facebook and Youtube.


*** 2020 (September)

Title: Participant and collaborator, Virtual International Academic Conference, organised by AAB College, Pristina, Kosovo


Pristina: 05.09.2020 – 06.09.2020, with the collaboration of the Communication Institute of Greece


*** 2020 (June)

Title: Pedagogy in the Time of Pandemic: Local Responses toward Global Education

This current article undoubtedly joins others in starting the historical record. Across the globe, each
author captures a snapshot of not only pedagogy and technology but also culture and individuality.
Understanding why one nation moves education fully online while another places education on
hold, as an example, perhaps reflects societal mores as well as computer scarcities. A panoply of
schools ranging from state or public systems to private or religious raisons d’être may uncover
unexpected motives. Communication technologies that fall prey to robotic intruders might suggest
security measures. And even why someone would hack into online educational systems during this
time of crisis could reveal a wider vista when grappling with the pandemic’s aftermath.

Taken together, such snapshots of selected pedagogical adaptations may indeed reveal parameters
for a global paradigm shift in higher education. For each institution’s section, an introductory theme
offers institution-specific context; these themes are then joined in the overall analysis for the article.
May history thus record that we educators harnessed this pandemic’s challenges as an impetus for
innovation, comprehension, and glocalization.

Bonk, R., Kefalaki, M., Rudolph, J., Diamantidaki, F., Rekar Muno, C., Karanicolas, S., Kontoleon, P. & Pogner, K.-H. (2020). Pedagogy in the time of pandemic: From localisation to glocalisation. Journal of Education, Innovation and Communication, 2 (SI1). DOI:

*** 2020 (June)

Title: COmmunication’s ROugh NAvigations: ‘Fake’ news in a time of a global crisis

In this article, authors, from Greece and Australia, aim to:
a)Discuss the severe and even fatal problems that misinformation can cause, especially in the case of a global pandemic, like COVID-19
b)provide an audit and access to reliable sites,
c)provide an outline of simple strategies that all individuals (including undergraduate students) can implement to source
valid and reliable information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kefalaki, M. & Karanicolas S. (2020). Communication’s ROugh NAvigations: ‘Fake’ News in time of a Global Crisis. Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching. Vol.3 No.1 (2020).

*** 2020 (April)


For their first collaborative project, the Vice Presidents of our Institute have worked together to pass on a message of hope through  their  Motivational Book titled: “WHY IS IT WORTH WAKING UP EVERY MORNING

This book was created as a sign of hope, especially during the difficult times we faced as a global collective (ex. COVID-19 global crisis, 2020). It is a book of encouragement with impressions and reflections on inspiration, motivation, and collaboration.

The VP Community of the Communication Institute of Greece is Sophia Karanicolas, Michael A. Altamirano, Ailson J. De Moraes, Fotini Diamantidaki, Robert J. Bonk, Carolin Rekar Munro, and Jürgen Rudolph, who have contributed and shared their viewpoint on why it is worth, or not, to wake up each morning (Christian Schnee and Karl-Heinz Pogner, also participated in this project, joining our VP community until 5 November 2020).


Some of the COMinG International and National collaborators:

*Journal of Education, Innovation, and Communication (JEICOM)
*Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching (JALT)

*Beijing Normal University, China
*Zhejiang University, China
*King Graduate School at Monroe College, USA 

*Media Informatics Lab, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

*Kaplan University, Singapore

*IPSA RC21, and IPSA RC29: Research Committee 21 on Political Socialization and Education, and Research Committee 29 on Political Psychology, of the International Political Science Association
*Center for Intercultural Dialogue
*IJBST journal group
*Cambridge Scholars