Become an Ambassador (academic member) of the Communication Institute of Greece

By becoming an Academic Member/Ambassador of the Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG), you become a member of a community that has the vision to promote and advance the importance of sharing, exchanging, collaborationg, and acting for a better future, a better world. We aim to contribute to the creation of links among academics around the world, to help them collaborate, to exchange ideas, develop projects, and share knowlledge and good practices.
By participationg in our events, the fee can already permit you become a Member of this International Association (need board’s approval).

To become a member, please send us by email a) the  MEMBERSHIP_FORM  , b) a biographical note (no more than 300 words) in .doc with a photo of yours (similar to one of our other one of our other ambassadors)

Academic Members, among other things, are Ambassadors of the Institute and its values, which they need to serve and respect.
An Ambassador also :

*gets special prices for events organised by the institute.
*is informed on a regular basis on the activities, actions, projects of the Institute
* can become a member of a conference scientific and organising committee, without paying any fee,
*can become a conference Chair, without paying any fee (depending on the demand),
*is able to edit books with the Institute (prior international experience with editing is required),
* can become a reviewer of the journals/books, edited by the institute,
*is able to organise mini-conferences or conference sessions of specific interest (as part of a more general conference),
*can organise a new conference with the help of the Institute,
* can propose and become the leader of a new general conference,
* is able to propose other types of projects, events, seminars with specific themes, publications, etc.

…we are always open to discussing with you other possibilities (collaborations, exchanges, projects, etc.).

Please Note: to become an Academic Member, you need the board’s approval.

Fees to become an Academic Member
-Application fee for a new academic member – conference participant: 400 euro (needs board’s approval)
-Lifetime Member – Membership fee: 2.000 euro (needs board’s approval)
-Annual membership fee: 15 euro
NB: Fees are non-refundable.