Welcome to the official site of the
Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG)!

The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG), established in 2003 in France and relaunched in 2013 in Greece,  is an international association of academics, researchers, students, and professionals dedicated to the promise of intercultural and educational communication.
Our international community and especially the board of COMinG aims to promote and give positive examples of communication, research, and education among our members, especially the young generation of researchers and other educators and professionals of education and communication around the world.
We have 1000 months to live on this planet (if we are lucky enough), let this time be full of respect and love, for ourselves and all the others.

Our mission is to create a forum to meet and exchange experiences and ideas about the development of our discipline by the creation of Common Research Projects, the organisation of International and Local Conferences, and the Production of Publications.

Our Vision is that we understand the importance of sharing, exchanging, cocreating, communicating, and acting for a better future, a better world.


Our motto: “Together We Can!”

”I believe in a world that does not exist, but by believing that it exists, I can create it.
If it doesn’t exist, it means that we did not wish for it deep enough
.”   (
Nikos Kazantzakis, 1961, Report to Greco)

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
(Lighting your way to a better future: Speech delivered by Nelson Mandela at launch of Mindset Network, July 16, 2003).

We can all try to make this world a better place.
The role of educators and the research community is crucial.

You can also join our community of academics, researchers, and professionals.


We do consider that education and fruitful communication can ameliorate our lives. Educating ourselves is what we need to develop and ameliorate this word. We never stop learning. Open-minded academics can contribute significantly to the quality of “education”. Educate, communicate, exchange, meet new cultures, create, collaborate (…) and we can all have a part in this! The quality of education can promote, among others, intercultural communication. The academic community is the leader in education’s content and quality. Academics, researchers, Ph.D. students, or/and generally people interested to create links with the academic community around the world, can become ambassadors of COMinG.

The International Conferences and events proposed and organised by the Communication Institute of Greece with the collaboration of universities around the world, aim to create an opportunity for Academics, Researchers, and Professionals, in private and public organizations and governments, to meet, exchange ideas on their research, discuss the future developments in their disciplines and contribute to education’s future. You may participate as a research paper presenter, poster presenter, round table, workshop presenter, or as a conference attendant.

We will be glad to meet you in Athens – Greece, face to face or remotely!


2021 Annual International Conferences of the Communication Institute of Greece.

Our conferences are truly international since each of them includes academics coming from about 23 different countries and well-known universities around the world.
Our aim is to keep our international gatherings small (no more than 60-70 participants), in order to favorite fruitful exchange and communication among the participants..