Patrick Leoni

Kedge Business School

Patrick Leoni

Pr. Patrick Leoni is a Professor of Finance at Kedge Business School, an elite business school in France. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 2003, and he held research positions in Zurich, Venice and Dublin.

Pr. Leoni’s research focuses on two distinct issues. The first issue is about optimizing public policies to fight diseases of the poor. He has been involved in the last few years in projects related to risk management to eradicate HIV/AIDS, and the design of derivatives to hedge against mortality risk. The second issue is about beliefs and learning effects on asset pricing, in particular at macro-economic level. He has penned two books (Economic Challenges in the Fight against HIV/AIDS, and Beliefs, Learning and Economic Behavior). Pr Leoni is on the board of five scholastic journals, and he has over 25 publications in leading journals in Finance and Economics. He also received several awards for his research and teaching.