Marina-Stefania Giannakaki

Dr Marina-Stefania Giannakaki,
Lecturer in Educational Leadership,
School of Education of Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland

Photo_Marina-Stefania Giannakaki
Marina-Stefania Giannakaki

Dr. Marina-Stefania Giannakaki is a Lecturer in Educational Leadership at the School of Education of Queen’s University Belfast, which she joined in August 2013. She previously worked as an Associate Tutor at the Open University of Cyprus, teaching Master’s level modules in Educational Leadership and Policy (2010-2013). She also taught on postgraduate, undergraduate, and INSET courses at the University of Macedonia (2005), the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education in Athens (2009), the Hellenic Open University (2005-2013), and the University of Thessaly (2009-2013). Stefania has experience teaching in Greek primary schools and has worked for a year (2011-2012) as a seconded teacher at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Thessaly, where she was responsible for organizing and guiding the school practice of student teachers. Between 2002 and 2006 she worked as a researcher in UK higher education institutions (Institute of Education, University of London and School of Education, University of Nottingham). She was responsible for the design and implementation of large-scale, longitudinal studies in the area of teacher education and development. She also worked as an Associate Lecturer at the Open University in the East Midlands, teaching methods of research with children and young people. Stefania holds a PhD in the area of innovation management from the University of Strathclyde and an MSc from the same university. Her broader research interests are in the areas of educational leadership, change management, teacher development, and culture and well-being. Her methodological expertise is particularly strong in the application of educational statistics. She is fluent in Greek (native), English, and Portuguese.


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