Ioannis Karras

Dr. Ioannis Karras
University Lecturer
Trainer in Intercultural Communication
and Applied Linguistics

Ioannis Karras

Dr. Ioannis Karras holds a BA in English and a BA in Linguistics from the University of Calgary, Canada; an M.Ed. in TEFL from the HOU, Greece, an M.Sc. in Intercultural Communication in Business and the Professions from the University of Warwick, the UK and a PhD in Applied Linguistics, University of Athens, Greece. Ioannis Karras has worked as lecturer at the Universities of Thessaly Patras and Piraues, the Technological Education Institute of Patras, the Hellenic Open University as well as New York College. He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which range from EAP/ESP, TEFL, applied linguistics to Intercultural and Business Communication. He also had the opportunity to take up brief teaching assignments in Finland and Bulgaria within the context of Erasmus staff mobility. His work experience also extends to TEFL teacher training. Ioannis Karras has taught in primary and secondary education. Finally, he has been involved in intercultural and language training in International Business. He has also been involved in teacher training and has participated in many Comenius Programmes as a research fellow. He has published articles in the area of teaching methodology and applied linguistics and has delivered numerous talks at national and international conferences.