Hlaing Mya Win

Dr Hlaing Mya Win
University of Medicine 1

 photo C Soe
Hlaing Mya Win

Hlaing Mya Win is a professor of Medicine at University of Medicine 1, Yangon, Myanmar. She received a MBBS degree from UM1 in 1986 and earned MMed.Sc (Internal Medicine) in 1994. Trained in UK midland around 1997 for two years and got MRCP (UK) followed by MRCP. She had great interest in medical education and attended Dip.Med.Ed course in 2011. She is now serving as module supervisor of communication skill module for Medical Education courses under ministry of health. She currently accepted the module supervisor post for patient doctor communication module recently running at University of Medicine 2, Diploma in Communication and Medical Ethics course.

She also is a rheumatologist and academic board co-chair for Doctorate in Rheumatology course under UM1. She is a co-writer of Therapeutic Manual of Internal Medicine book as well as the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Guideline. She is a regular writer of local medical journals like Myanmar Medical Journal and Myanmar Journal of Current Medical Practice and published more than 30 case report, original articles and reviews. As part of the job description, she had supervised and read two to four post-graduate research protocols and thesis every year for more than 10 years.

She also participates in professional organizations like Myanmar Medical Association, Internal Medicine Society Academic Secretary, EC member of Myanmar Rheumatology Society and Technical Working Group Member of Malaria Project, MMA, QDSTM.