Hemat hasan Elsaka

Dr. Hemat hasan Elsaka
Professor of Public Relations
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Education
Ahlia University
Kingdom of Bahrain

 Pro  Hemat

Hemat hasan Elsaka


Prof. Hemat is the Dean of faculty of Arts, Science and Education, Ahlia University since Nov. 2015, she get her PHD degree in Mass Communication, 1996 with Honor Degree Faculty of   Arts, Mass Communication Department –Zagazig University. She was promoted to the rank of Professor of Public Relations (June 2008). Academic Mission to United States, Bittsberg University (May 2002 to August 2002).

Research experiences

  • Achieving and publish some studies in mass communication and Public Relations
  • Collect and analyze research data using statistical software (SPSS)
  • Leading research teams and projects
  • Participate in mass communication and Public Relations conferences, seminars & workshops.
  • Plan and implement research and studies for mass media organizations.