Haya`a Mikhled Almanaseer

Ms Haya`a Mikhled Almanaseer
in Management Information Systems
Isra University, Jordan

Haya`a Mikhled Almanaseer   

Haya`a Mikhled Almanaseer, MBA/Electronic –Bussiness  is Lecturer of Management Information Systems at the Isra University Amman Jordan. She  holds  the MBA . from Mutah University Jordan with Association with Ohio University, a Major in Electronic-Bussiness; a BSc in software engineering, earned at the Isra University in Amman, Jordan; an Bachelors of arts, earned at the Punjab University, Lahore ,Pk; and Diploma in acupuncture, earned at the institutions collage,Pk,and M.d Alternative medicine ;earned at the OUIM,Colombo, from Sri lanka,.Miss Haya`a Mikhled Almanaseer  worked for over 4 years as Deputy Manger and laboratory  supervisor  for consultation center for continuous education and society services, As well as a Trainer in different courses as ICDL,E-learning and many other programming courses.