Firas Jamil Alotoum

Dr Firas Jamil Alotoum
Professor in Marketing – Business Administration,
Certified trainer, ilm,UK
Chief of Marketing department,
Isra university, Amman- Jordan

firasFiras Jamil 

Firas Jamil Alotoum

Firas.J.Alotoum, PHD is an assistant professor of marketing and and business administration at the university of Isra, I hold PHD in Marketing from de vest din Timisoara, Romania. Certified trainer from ilm, UK. He holds an MBA from Timisoara university, Romania, and BS from yarmouk university, Jordan. He has published in scholarly journals in the areas of green marketing, Halal product, organizations, Agility, consumer behavior, marketing, management, and Quality management and reengineering.

In 2014 he received an award of the best scientific paper at an international conference held in New York ,USA.He has trained for many of courses in business and marketing areas, inside and outside Jordan.

His interests: cultural and experiences  exchanges between civilizations, promote civilized nations and peoples, education is a right for every human being”.”