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 ICCM2019 15 April 2019  Public Debate on
« Journalism at a crossroads: new media, new practices, new values?»
ICCM2019_PD_PR ICCM2019_PD_Prog
  HEPO2019  17 April 2019  Public Discussion on «Virtualization of Politics: Challenges and possibilities» HEPO2019_PD_PR HEPO2019_PD_Prog
 EDU2019  13 May 2019 Public Debate on «Innovative Education and Pedagogy Worldwide» EDU2019_PD_PR EDU2019_PD_Prog


Previous events

 Conference  Date  Event’s Name  Press Release Program
ICCM2018 23 April 2018 Workshop on Education Click Here  NA
 ICCM2018  23 April 2018  Workshop
“LEGO® Serious Play® method:  Agile Learning in Superior Education and LifeLong Learning”
 Click Here  NA
 ICCM2017  ……  ….



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