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Click here to have a list of the Institute’s Academic Members

How to become an Academic Member of the Institute?

Becoming an Academic Member COMinG and participating in its International Conferences, means having a link with other academics around the world, being able to collaborate on research projects, create small events/conferences, and so forth. This is a way to exchange ideas, develop projects, and connect with people from all around the world! By paying the registration fee, which means participating in our conferences, you pay as well the fee to become an Academic Member of the Communication Institute of Greece.

To become an Academic Member please contact the President of the Institute, Dr Margarita Kefalaki by email to: attaching a detailed Curriculum Vitae, a short biographical note of no more than 300 words (inspire yourself from and a photo of yours (as a JPEG attached  file) that you would like to appear on the Institutes website.

Members can propose different projects to the Communication Institute of Greece. More particularly they can, among other things:
* be part of the Institutes research unit,
* participate for free in another annual event (need board’s approval),
*become member of the scientific and organising committee of a conference,
*chair a session of a conference or just participate, without a paper, without paying the conference fee (for a second conference on the same year),
*edit books with the help of the Institute (prior international experience with editing is required).,
*organise mini conferences or conference sessions of specific interest as part of a more general conference,
* propose a new general conference (need board’s approval),
* referee papers submitted for publication at the conference,
* organise events, seminars with specific themes (need board’s approval),
* …we are open to discuss other possibilities (collaborations, projects, etc.).

Please Note: Before becoming an Academic Member we need board’s approval.