Daria Selina

Daria Selina
Former reporter
Media «Regional Cable Channel «TKT-TV»
St. Petersburg, Russia


Daria Selina


Daria has eight years of professional experience as a journalist. She had been working for Media «Regional Cable Channel «TKT-TV» in St. Petersburg, Russia for three years and increased its target audience by 5% per year with smart content. In her reportages, she covered different topics, but she focused on people’s social needs.

Additionally, Daria had been working as a sports journalist in specialized children and youth sports school «Kometa» in St. Petersburg for two years. She managed information support of sports events that were held there (such as national championships and big tournaments). She created the concept of the official website of the sports school and wrote news for it.

Daria has a diploma with honors in Journalism from Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University. Her thesis was based on her professional experience and was related to specificity interaction of mass media with press services (sports subject).

She took part in journalism competition «St. Petersburg’s Golden Pen». In 2014, she was a volunteer of XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia (her duty was Event services).

Daria is working on a research about the role of local mass media in the megapolis. This year she presented her paper at the 4th World conference of media and mass communication in Bangkok, Thailand. Her main research interests are TV journalism and its influence on people’s lives. In the future, she plans to apply for an internship in Journalism in Europe or in the US and later—to work there as a journalist.