The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG) communicates, exchanges and collaborates with International Associations, Publication Institutions and Journals, Colleges, Universities, and Authorities, from all around the world, to endorse joint academic projects such as international conferences and events, publications, educational development plans, and other academic activities. Below you will find a list with some of the associations that the institute has collaborated:

*King Graduate School at Monroe College, USA

*Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University, China

* The European Network for Cooperation and Development  EUCED –  [European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.), Offices in Lisbon – Brussels – London – Sofia, and operations in 70 countries worldwide]. COMinG is an Associate Member of EUCED.

* The Center for Intercultural Dialogue

*Global Listening Centre, USA, India & UK

*Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching (JALT), Singapore

*Journal ‘Politics, Culture and Socialization’

* The IJBST Journal Group               

*SC  Media Group -Black Sea Scientific Journal of Academic Research, Georgia

*Journal of Management and Training for Industries, Japan

*Journal of Media Critiques (JMC), Turkey, UK & USA

*Cambridge Scholars, Berlin, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; and Hangzhou, China & UK

*Strategy and Development Review, Algeria




The Communication Institute of Greece is an associate member of the European Economic Interest Grouping, European Union

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