Christian Schnee

Dr Christian Schnee

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director,

University of Greenwich,



Christian Schnee 

Christian Schnee is Senior Lecturer and Programme Director at the University of Greenwich, London. He has been a Senior Lecturer in PR at the University of Worcester, UK since 2008.

Christian began his career as a spokesperson for the Christian Democratic Party in Germany and served as director of government communications in the city state of Hamburg.

Between 2005 and 2006 he was head of international media relations for the 2006 FIFA Football World Cup Office in Hamburg.

His degree is in History and Political Science, and his PhD is in Political Marketing. He regularly works for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Europe’s largest centre-right political think tank, based in Berlin, with offices in 80 countries. The author is invited each year by the Foundation to talk about political PR at professional conferences and seminars to audiences of students, politicians and various professional groups.