Catherine Herrgott

 Dr Catherine Herrgott
Lecturer in Anthropology
Associate researcher
Phonetics and Phonology Laboratory (LPP) CNRS – UMR n° 7018
University of Paris III
Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris

 Photo Catherine Herrgott
Catherine Herrgott

Catherine is Doctor in Anthropology of Corsica University and Lecturer qualified in Anthropology and also in Cultures and regional languages. She is an Associate researcher in LPP (Phonetic and Phonology Laboratory) at University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle / U.M.R CNRS n° 7018 for the European I-Treasures project (FP7 2014-2017). In I-Treasures project (I-Treasures for Intangible Treasures-Capturing the Cultural Heritage and Learning the Rare Know-How of Leaving Human Treasures), within the French team, its mission is to coordinate the researches in Corsica on Cantu in paghjella, recognized by Unesco in 2009 as Intangible Cultural Heritage and its registration on the List of Urgent Safeguarding, specially the organization of sound collection, textual materials, relations with the polyphonic singers. Themes of research: Intangible Cultural Heritage and World Intangible Heritage process of multi-part singing vocal practices, Mediterranean cultural multi-part singing traditions and traditional Corsican multi-part singing (Cantu in paghjella). Fieldwork area: Corsica and Mediterranean area (Sardinia).

Administrator in the FAMDT (National Federation of Traditional Music and Dances), responsible for the FAMDT’s Research Committee, Catherine Herrgott is also member of the Association of the Studies for Corsica and Mediterranean Sea Area (ADECEM) as well as the Association of the researchers in Human sciences for Corsica area (ACSH).