Barış Çoban

Dr Barış Çoban,
Associate Professor
Communication Sciences Department
Doğuş University,

Barış Çoban

Barış Çoban is an Associate Professor in the Communication Sciences Department, Doğuş University, Turkey. He call himself an activist-academic. His research interests include social movements, alternative-radical media and political communication. The books he edited, co-edited and translated are: “Discourse and Ideology”, “History, Utopia and Rebellion: Sheikh Bedreddin”, “Panopticon: Power of Eye”, “Media, Nationalism, Violence”, “Globalisation, Opposition, Utopia: New Social Movements”, “Media, Peace and War”, “Reclaim Your Media: Alternative Media”, “Social Media R/evolution”. He has also published in journals in areas of media, sociology and politics.  He has lectured on theories of alternative media, social media and political communication.