Arshad Syed Karim

Dr Arshad Syed Karim
Dean of Graduate Studies, Greenwich University,
and Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Karachi, Pakistan

Arshad Karim_Photo
Arshad Syed Karim

Professor Karim received his education in India, Pakistan and the United States. He holds Masters’ degrees in History, Political Science and Education, and a Doctorate in Political Science. His experience includes Comparative Politics, Political Philosophy, International Relations, Public Administration, Public Policy and Education. He has taught in Pakistan and USA and was associated with many other management institutes for teaching and research. Professor has authored 15 books and has written over 100 research articles and papers. He has completed his 50 years of rich experience in varied fields of Social Sciences and Humanities. He has produced a large number of M.Phils. and Ph.D.’s in his career. He has contributed his expertise in the field of governance, development, public administration, management, consultancy, teaching and research. As the Registrar of the University of Karachi, he oversaw personnel management and supervised the academic programs. Through his experience, Professor Karim has developed an understanding of politics and its relevance to the developing countries, particularly on issues of governance, democracy, capacity building, and interaction between government and non-governmental organizations. Professor Karim has been presently engaged in teaching Research Methodologies among other subjects of Social Sciences. He also has deep knowledge and understanding of South Asian politics, culture, languages, and of both public and private organizations. His special interest is Pakistan Government and the Government’s operations at various levels from policy planning to implementation from national, provincial to the local government level.

Professor Karim has been Chairman of Political Science and Public Administration Departments of the University of Karachi, Pakistan; Pro-Rector of Imperial College of Business Studies , Lahore, Pakista;, Distinguish Fulbright Foreign Professor in New York State University, NY, USA; and Distinguish Foreign Professor of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. He is Editors of Two HEC recognized Bi-Annual Research Journals published in Pakistan,: New Horizons (Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities) an Journal of Business Strategies. Presently he is Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities and Dean of Graduate Studies at the Greenwich University, Karachi, Pakistan.