Arif Yildirim

Assistant Professor, Head of Departments
Department of Communication Informatics
Department of Journalism
Gaziantep University, Turkey


Dr.Arif YILDIRIM is an Assistant Professor, working as Head of the Departments of Communication Informatics and Journalism, Gaziantepp University, Turkey. He holds a PhD in Informatics with the thesis subject as “Data Security Approach in Information Technology and Cryptography: DNA Algorithm”.

Dr.Arif Yildirim established a faculty, two undergraduate departments, and one graduate department. Additionally he worked as Deputy Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Social Sciences in Gaziantep University. Dr.Arif YILDIRIM is also working as a founder Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cyber Security, Privacy and eCrime ( and newly Journal of Media Critiques (  Dr.Yildirim is teaching  “Neurohacking with Social Media”, “Social Media Journalism and Hacktivism”, “Activism, Digital Activism and Hacktivism” and “Community Media and ICTs for Development and Social Transformation” , classes in both undergraduate and graduate level.

Dr.Yildirim’s research focuses on social media, including cryptography with genetics, neurohacking with social media, marketing, activism, digital activism, hacktivism, civil disobedience, privacy, P2P, online behavior and identity, and also how the development and use of social media is being affected by politicians and people trying to gain control of the government and people both globally and in MENA and Balkans.