Ané Pearman

Dr Ané Pearman
Assistant Professor
Humanities Division
Tidewater Community College

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Ané Pearman

Dr Ané Pearman is an Assistant Professor in communication at the Humanities Division of Tidewater Community College in USA. Currently she is teaching Current Online Platform – Blackboard, but in general she has taught Business Communication (on campus), Career Preparation (on campus), Culture and Diversity (on campus and online), Customer Relations (on campus), Intercultural Communication (on campus and online)

Interpersonal Communication (on campus), Introduction to Business (on campus and online), Introduction to Communication courses (on campus, hybrid and online), Microsoft Word Computer Applications (on campus)

Organizational Communication (on campus), Public Speaking (on campus, hybrid and online).

From 2001 to 2007, among others, she coordinated Multicultural Programs, like the “Education Abroad program”.