Andreas Ntalakas

Andreas Ntalakas
PhD candidate & Researcher
School of Journalism & Mass Media Communication
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Andreas Ntalakas

Andreas Ntalakas (MSc) graduated from the Electrical Engineering School, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering of Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, Greece (1999).

During 1997-1998 he was affiliated with Information Technologies Institute (Thessaloniki), and involved in projects using signal and image processing. Since 1999 he followed a career as a freelance software engineer, primarily serving the needs of the private sector.

He has worked in the European Commission, Brussels, Project Erasmus+ for three years.

He is affiliated to NCSR Demokritos having seen several projects at different institutes, including 3D visualization at the Institute of Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection, the BOEMIE project and the SEK Robot at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (

On 2008 he established his own company – XRobotics – and built a heavy duty mobile robot (xbot) targeting security applications.

His interests include cybersecurity, sensor fusion and vision using advanced machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks.

He is currently a PhD candidate /researcher in School of Journalism & Mass Media Communication, researching Robotic technologies in media communication and computational journalism (