Abdusselam Kose

Dr Abdusselam Kose
Associate Professor
Department of Sports management

Faculty of Sports Sciences
Usak University, Usak,
Visiting Scholar
School of Public Health, Department of Recreation
Park and Tourism Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

 Abdusselam Kose
Abdusselam Kose

Dr. Kose has graduated from Marmara University, College of Physical Education and Sports, Department of Sports Management in 2003, and earned a master’s degree in 2005 with a thesis titled “The Marketing Views and Strategies of Premier League Football Clubs in Turkey”.  He holds a Ph.D in 2008 with a dissertation on “the services of professional sports agents and the demand pattern of football players in relation to these services in Super Leagues”.
Dr. Kose is currently an Associate Professor teaching graduate and post graduate level courses at Usak University – Sports Faculty and Department of Sports Management. He is responsible for sports management programs and lectures on: Sport Marketing, Sport Organizations and Administration, Sport Facility Management, Event Management, Sport Sponsorship, Total Quality Management in Sport, Law & Security in Recreational Sports, CRM -Sports Consumer Behavior, Sports Agents. Dr. Kose is also PADI scuba diving instructor and organizes national & international diving courses. He also provides aquatic therapy and water exercise programs for PE students.