Dario Benatti

Dr Dario Benatti
Catholic University of Milan

Dario Benatti a lezione

Dario Benatti

Dario Benatti is a professor at the Catholic University of Milan where he teaches and gives workshops on –Non-verbal communication- and –Educational programming- at the Faculty of Sciences of Education.  He also teaches -Musical techniques for wellness, empowerment, rehabilitation and positive technology- at the Faculty of Psychology.

He is graduated in Music (specializing in guitar and lute) and trained in the field of education at the school of Reuven Feuerstein (Jerusalem) obtaining a Diploma in the Feuerstein’s method.

He has a Master and is a trainer in Humanistic Neurolinguistic Programming and he is also a Coach in helping relationships.

A passionate researcher of the therapeutic and educational effects of music and arts, for 30 years he engaged in music therapy activities, with particular interest and specialization in the cases of patients with severe difficulty in communication and in establishing positive relationships.

In the first decade of his career he was involved in the field of prenatal education studying and applying the musical medium in pregnancy and childbirth. Since 1994, he has worked as a music therapist in the rehabilitation field as a member of Elìce Onlus, a sanitary team in Milan which is specialized in the rehabilitation of severe states of coma and post-coma.

Dario is also director and teacher of a music therapy course in Milan organized by the cultural association “Musica Prima”.