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Make a bridge between civilizations.
Educate, Communicate, Exchange,
Cooperate, Listen effectively, and mainly ACT!


Welcome to the official site of the Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG)!

The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG), is an International Association of Academics, Researchers, and Professionals, from all around the world.
This non-profit international association is an associate member of EUCED (European Economic Interest Grouping).  It was established by Academics, Researchers and Professionals, interested by education and its future, to promote research, education and facilitate communication and exchange among academics and professionals, from all around the world.

Its mission is to create a forum for academics, researchers, and professionals, where they can meet and exchange experiences and ideas about the development of their discipline, by the organisation of international conferences, the promotion of research and the production of publications. The organization of other events and the establishment of collaborations that promote the purposes of the association are also some of our main activities.

COMinG was established in 2003 in France and then was relaunched in 2013 in Greece, as an independent association of academics, researchers and professionals, who consider that education and intercultural communication can ameliorate our lives: educating ourselves is what we need to develop in a fruitful environment.
Academics can contribute significantly to the quality of “education”. Educate, communicate, exchange, meet new cultures, create, collaborate (…) and we can all have a part in this! The quality of education can promote, among others, intercultural communication. The academic community is the leader in education’s content and quality. Academics, researchers, Ph.D. students or people interested to create links with the academic community around the world, can become one of our Members and Ambassadors.

In 2019, we organise 3 different Internationa Conferences:

the 5th International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2019), Athens, Greece, 15-18 April 2019,

the International Hellenic Conference of Political Science: New Challenges, New Answers (HEPO2019),
Athens Greece, 17-20 April 2019,

and the International Conference on Education (EDU2019),
Athens, Greece, 13-16 May 2019,

These International Conferences aim to create an opportunity for Academics, Researchers, and Professionals, in private and public organizations and governments from all over the world, to meet, exchange ideas on their research, discuss the future developments in their disciplines and contribute to education’s future. You may participate as a research paper presenter, a session chair or an observer.

We will be glad to meet you in Athens – Greece!


The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG), is a Member of the
European Economic Interest Grouping, European Union (EUCED)

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 and an Associate Member of the European Network for Cooperation and Development  EUCED [European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.), Offices in Lisbon – Brussels – London – Sofia, and operations in 70 countries worldwide].


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